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Here's what you can expect from an EXCEL-WEST website, designed and engineered for your business:
More Business. More Revenues. More Qualified Leads. More ROI. An Attractive Website. Knowledge That Empowers You as the Business Owner.


Web Design and Website Engineering

Since 1997, EXCEL-WEST (website design company) has sustained its position as Southern California's leading website design, and development company. We offer website design, engineering, e-commerce,  content management, database applications, Flash, hosting, content development, online marketing, pitch page (landing page) design, pay-per-click, maintenance, and more.

EXCEL-WEST employs a well trained and talented staff ready to design a custom Website to fit your needs. Let us direct the eyes of the World Wide Web to your business.

First we will discuss color, layout, content.
Will you want interactivity?
Need Web 2.0?
Logo design?
Custom graphics?
Sound, video, animation, digital downstreams?
What's your market reach, target market, website goals?
Search engine programming and optimization?
Constant contact and promotion mechanisms?
Shopsite shopping cart?
  Once we have a general idea of what your needs are, we will present a test page for your approval. Upon completion of the site we will submit it to the top search engines and assist you with implementing a powerful online marketing strategy.

Work only with experts

EXCEL-WEST has qualified trained staff with over 10 years' experience.

For more information, please call us at EXCEL-WEST
Toll Free (From the US): 1-888-317-9300 or 
Other Countries: 011 1 310-895-4114
Thank you.

Please check for more about our offerings.

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