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Training Solutions


Money invested to increase employee knowledge of commercial software and information management solutions reaps its own reward. This is demonstrated through immediate gains in revenues and payroll savings. EXCEL- WEST has a vast array of training specialists ready to provide onsite training, tailored to your company's needs.

Here is a partial list of courses offered:
Operating Systems: Business Solutions:
Microsoft Windows (All versions) Microsoft Word (All versions)
IMacintosh (All versions) Microsoft Access (All versions)
NT (All versions) Microsoft Exchange
Linux (All versions) Microsoft Goldmine
Click here for details. Microsoft PowerPoint
Web Development: Act! (All versions)
Microsoft FrontPage (All versions) Word Perfect (All versions)
HTML Editor Lotus (All versions)
PERL Lotus Notes (All versions)
XML Symantec
C++ Client/Server Programs:
PHP Novell InternetWare
Blogg NT (All versions)



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