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Whether or not you are connecting a single computer to the Internet, or establishing a wide area corporate network, EXCEL- WEST can help.    EXCEL- WEST will assess and determine a tailored solution that will assure optimal performance of your company's information management infrastructure.  

Here's a brief list of some EXCEL- WEST networking services:

Intranet planning and development (web servers, ftp services, etc.)

Network installation and setup - Microsoft NT, Novell NetWare/Intranetware,
Unix, VAX, Mainframe and more

Upgrade/Migration strategies for existing infrastructures and data
LAN/WAN planning and implementation

Network cabling/wiring
On-site service and training
Network Maintenance agreements
Mail Server implementation
Video Conferencing; planning and implementation
Internet connectivity - dial-up, ISDN, T1, Frame Relay, etc.
Intranet planning and development (web servers, ftp services, etc.)
On-site and off-site LAN/WAN administration
Setup/administration of networked software applications
PC acquisition, configuration, set-up and maintenance

Whatever networking solution is required, we at EXCEL-WEST can fill the need.  For further information send us an e-mail

For more information, please call us at
888-317-9300. Thank you.

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