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April 19, 2010 MediShield, LLC & Excel-West Announce I.T. Outsourcing Agreement


EXCEL-WEST launches "Office On the Internet"

Carlsbad, CA Jan, 1 2008, EXCEL-WEST launches "Office On the Internet," and as the name implies, its a place where stakeholders (including customers, vendors, staff, board members, etc) can work securely, efficiently, and collaboratively on projects. It's ideally suited for those in the service industries such as engineers, contractors, consultants, non-profits, agents, promoters, and government agencies, to name a few.

Benefits of Office On the Internet:

* Inexpensive (low setup fee, low monthly cost)
* Secure
* Easy to Use
* Significantly Reduces Your Overhead Costs
* Increase the Number of Clients/Projects You Can Service
* Dramatically Increases Customer Satisfaction and Productivity
* Eliminate the Need to Compile Project Management Reports from Email Threads
* Centralizes Stakeholder Communications
* Staff and Manage Vendors and Subcontractors
* Enhance Risk Management Capabilities
* Prepare/Send Proposals to Your Customers
* Your Customers can Execute Contracts and It Records the Transaction
* Customer/Vendor Account Management (Realtime Customer Payment Ability)
* Track and Bill for Project Scope Creep, Change-Orders, and Add-ons
* Automates Client Billing and Reduce Chargebacks
* Allows Vendors/Subcontractors to Manage Their Time Entries/Bills Directly

Market distinction - Microsoft Project, and Quick Books are too complex and labor intensive for most small to medium businesses. Other online applications are also too expensive or fall short in delivering the most important business-critical functions and features for more information, contact EXCEL-WEST customer service.

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