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EXCEL-WEST has acquired a dynamic team of professionals. Each has been hand-selected for their expertise, skill, education, creativity, success record and vision. 


V.P., Web Programming - Feroline A. Bianchi has been working in business services, management and promotion for over twenty five years. Ms. Bianchi has a consistent success track record for developing business and increasing revenues. Ms. Bianchi joined the founders of the company in 1997 and was quickly promoted to her current executive position as V.P. of Web Programming. Ms. Bianchi's design, programming and E-Business promotion strategies and expertise are in high demand, utilized by companies such as BET Comic View Tour, Real Gospel Music and ESPN promoters, Patty Segovia of All Girl Skate Jam, to name a few. 

V.P., Customer Service  - L. J. Mattick joined EXCEL-WEST back in Fall of 1999. Ms. Mattick has over seventeen years experience in the customer service. Here primary work experience was accumulated in health care management. Ms. Mattick has a reputation for always putting "the customer first." a virtue that is held in high regard by the EXCEL-WEST executive team and its clientele. 

Regional Sales Executive  - Richard H. Lawless started working with EXCEL-WEST in the Summer 2000 as a special projects consultant assigned to EXCEL-WEST's cutting edge multimedia applications and technologies. Mr. Lawless has worked in the entertainment industry in both performance and production for Fox Television, Disney, Tri Star Off Broadway Theatre and more over the last 20 years. He has watched the industry go through numerous changes. "Interactive entertainment  is continually redefining itself as it tries to keep up with the latest technological advances. It's exciting to be able to use these cutting  edge tools to enhance the entertainment experience. " 

V.P., Smart House Technologies  - A. Estrada has more than twenty experience in construction, development and building design. Mr. Estrada is a third generation builder. Smart House Technologies is a new emerging industry that creates a union between construction, building design and technology. We, at EXCEL-WEST are proud to have him as part of our executive management team.


C.E.O./President - Deeba S. Hargis as founder of the company, Ms. Hargis provides the primary vision that has EXCEL-WEST consistently at the crest of the automation and technology wave. Ms. Hargis has over seventeen years of management, business development and programming experience. She has a degree in nursing, music and over the years has continued her education and studies at UCLA and M.I.T. (Musician Institute of Technology) and technology extension programs. She has received numerous commendations and accolades (Mayors' Commendation, Presidents' Award).  She has been inducted into the Who's Who of America and the International Who's Who of Information Technology. Ms. Hargis is an active board member for the Chamber of Commerce, American Heart Association, the Greatness Foundation and F.H. Property Owners Association. Her contributions have been recognized in the California Chamber of Commerce Business Journal, the Culver City Chamber of Commerce Business Journal and the West Los Angeles Business Journal, to name a few. She is also an active member of her church and a Visioning Ambassador who works with the City on the City's strategic plan, shaping the next ten years of decision making for the community at large. 


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