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What is an e-business?

(Simple answer) Each day your staff is hands on with client inquiries, customer
service calls, payments, transactions, marketing,Shopsite shopping cart software communications, and management of client accounts. An e-business simply allows your company website to contribute to accomplishing those tasks and much more. What you will then see is an elimination of manual processes through automation, which means more efficiency and greater profitability.

(More technical answer) If you currently have a computer network that manages
the information of your business and just an informational/e-commerce website, your business may be in jeopardy of losing its competitive edge. Working closely with your company, EXCEL-WEST's expert staff can create an e-business website that's right for your business. EXCEL-WEST's expert staff has over 10 years experience integrating and interfacing systems using custom and/or turnkey Web 2.0 solutions (e.g., Content Management Systems, Wikis, Bulletin Boards, WordPress, AdSense, Analytics, CRMs, Ecommerce solutions, OfficeontheInternet.com, etc). The new e-business website that we create for you will automate many of the tasks that are now handled by employees (transactions, purchases, order processing, membership management, subscription management, collaboration, marketing, business development, recruitment, promotions, mass communications, brand building, accounting, and much more).

If you don't have a computer system in-house to manage information, now a days you don't necessarily need one with tools such as OfficeontheInternet.com.

(Very technical answer) EXCEL-WEST's senior programmers us XML, C++, PHP, PERL, VB, .NET with databases engines such as  PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, to name a few. All of our e-business and ecommerce website projects are secure with SSL 128 bit encryption and follow strict industry programming guidelines.

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Getting Started

You've made the first brave step towards starting (or enhancing)  your company's website so that it has e-business/ecommerce features. That is, visiting  EXCEL-WEST's e-business website. Next, you might want to get to know us better. Then, you will know you've made the right choice.  Please visit the "
about EXCEL-WEST" page or our case studies page. We invite you to contact us live with your inquiries.

Outline - Process of Building Your E-Business (or Ecommerce Website)

Together, we create a project specification based on Client needs and budget. We build your e-business website, communicating often during the process through our office on the Internet ( OfficeontheInternet.com). The site is tested by our quality assurance team. Once you authorize it, you are in (e-)business!

Work only with experts

EXCEL-WEST has qualified trained staff with over 10 years' experience.

For more information, please call us at
888-317-9300. Thank you.



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