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Content Management System - What It Is All About?

It is a sign of a maturing industry when one receives in their hands technology pertaining to that industry which even non-experts can conveniently deploy for their benefit. In the web world, new sets of tools keep coming up on the horizon and are being made available to customers, clients and business owners, as well as to web developers and web designers. One of these tools is called the "Content Management System," or CMS for short.

Some of the more popular Content Management System packages include Joomla, Mambo, Wordpress, Drupal, Accrisoft, etc.

What is a Content Management System? It is a nifty little piece of software that enables you to manage both at the macro and the micro level the task of managing the content of your website. It is a powerful tool that brings to all the convenience and the features that make a good website a great website.

Though relatively a new concept, the model has matured very rapidly thanks to the massive involvement of the development community. Part of the Web 2.0 movement, a Content Management System allows automation of almost all the features that a website owner or project manager would like to see on the site. Before the advent of the Content Management System, these same features would have required hiring a competent programming team which would have made the exercise cost-prohibitive. By now providing these same features in plug-and-play modules, Content Management System has made setting up shop and going to market very easy and convenient.

Features And Advantages Of Content Management System

Some of these features include providing memberships to users of the site, and on top of it, creating a different layer of paid membership within the user community; presenting different interfaces of essentially the same information repository to clients, vendors, employees at different levels of hierarchy, as well as to the whole wide world; calendaring; blogging capabilities; Web-2.0-community-based features such as mass communication, information sharing and ratings -- the works. Don't you wish you had all these features and more in your website, too? The Content Management System makes it all possible.

One very good advantage of using a Content Management System is that website owners and project managers can have entry-level people contribute to content development as well as the site's layout and architecture; these are the people who may not be technology-savvy but who are experts in the domain that is the site's focus. This is made possible by a so-called "grey interface", wherein users simply login through a nifty-little window with a user-name and password given by the site owner or manager, and proceed to get on with their particular job. Couple this with the fact that multiple contributors can be managed simultaneously, and you can have fresh content at all times, at unheard-of cost-savings.

Yet another spin-off, and a worthy spin-off if you please, is that sites developed using Content Management System features are well-liked by search engines. This is because Content Management System enables sites to become more user-interactive, and thus engenders the possibility of return users. And search engines like the popularity and loyalty that users returning again and again connote, as their latest algorithms suggest.

Thanks to the ever-growing community involvement in Content Management System development, a number of plugins are now available which add even more features and functionalities to the already powerful tools. So you have exotic-sounding extension names such as "Zaragoza Clouds", "Accordian menus", "Featured Article Listing", "PixSearch" and the like, which make building websites using Content Management System a joy.


EXCEL-WEST  is adept at setting up a Content Management System, configuring, installing, designing site layout and site architecture, and building content on an ongoing basis for website owners, and on behalf of project managers, web developers and designers. We are an ideal strategic partner for all aspects of website building and maintenance. Our repertoire includes search engine services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Submission (SES), Search Engine Positioning (SEP), Search Engine Results Page (SERP) components of the business that drive traffic to the site. Involvement of EXCEL-WEST   guarantees that sparkle and magic that makes a site stand out from the millions of me-too sites that may be jostling for attention in the same domain.

And that is just the beginning.

Once the site goes live, we provide expert advice that only experts who have put in the hard work for years can provide. So whether your site produces revenue or develops membership, or is just a personal statement for someone, we are there by your side every step of the way. Rest assured, your readership and client base will keep growing over time, and you will find our being by your side every single moment a bonus in this competitive world. Whether it is to engage them with whacky or serious polls, or rolling before them the calendar of events that are planned for the next few weeks or months, or simply updating the content every so often -- we know our job very well, seriously.

EXCEL-WEST's involvement begins with that initial assessment meeting with clients where we help the client arrive at an informed decision with regard to which Content Management System and which database to go with. This decision is usually based on the particular domain the site is operating in, projected number of users who would be using the site, anticipated traffic, amount of advertising, the number of concurrent users expected to use the site at different points of time, and so on.

Work only with experts

When you decide to invest in a site with a lot of potential for growth, work only with people who know what theyíre doing. Many contractors can create a Content Management System for you, but if itís not the proper structure and if itís not built properly, the structure would likely collapse if you develop several hundred members/visitors while your site is not properly outfitted with the right design. When this happens, youíve pretty much lost your opportunity with those potential members/visitors, and itís very hard to get them back to your new architecture. This is exactly why proper planning is so important.

For more information, or an estimate on developing a social network, contact us via phone at 888-317-9300. We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your successful social network website.

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